For Agencies

If account manager starts call tracking as ad campaign metrcis that means he takes responsibility for result

We collaborate with agencies which strive to improve the quality of performance campaings

Alloka has more than 50 partners among ad agencies and advertising consultants
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Agency features

We offer a number of tools for our partner agencies to manage call tracking for their customers

  • only one minute to start any new client

  • different levels of access to lead statistics

  • schedule of notifications to different emails

  • credit

  • trial at PRO plans for new clients

Control Panel

White label

You can grant call tracking to your customers using your domain: and under your logo. It is free and doesn’t need any extra efforts.

Авторизация агенства

Partner options

  • Our partners receive either 15% discount of every transaction or 100% bonus cash back for a new client

  • Get service and pay after 14 days

  • Free trial for every new user

  • Your logo in clients interface

Priority in developing new features

Tasks our parners want to be made for their needs receive the highest priority in new features development