Call tracking up to keyword

Every inbound call you receive gets data

  • ad source of the call

  • lead referral

  • utm mark



You can track ad sources of messages sent to your public email. By public email we mean an address web site owners usually publish at "Contact" page. The technology adds unique digit parameters to your email address, and that lets the system show the UTM parameters and the referral of any email message from your website. Email tracking can be activated along with any call tracking plan.

Raiting of ad sources

See what ad bring inbound calls more, compare them, manage the efficiency of marketing campaigns

Raiting of ad sources

CCC – click/call/customer

Use our integrations with popular CRMs and follow customer journey from click through a call to a contract or purchase

Keep finger on the pulse

Switch on call notifications to get notified in SMS, email or Slack and Telegram

Use diagrams or data tables for analysis of your data. Choose different data slices

Popular pages among calling customers

Use diagrams or data tables for analysis of your data. Choose different data slices

Track any order or feedback forms at your website

All forms can be tracked along with calls

Feed back form
Feed back
Registration form
Call back order
Call back

Already purchased DID numbers?

Use third party numbers for call tracking

In standart case Alloka instantly assigns you did numbers for call tracking, but you can provide yours own if you have already purchased them at third party.

Cross Analytics

One-page table of cross analytics brings together data on spendings in advertising channels and the number of requests: calls, web-forms, chats, e-mails. The cost of a call is calculated in relation to the channel, advertising campaign, ad group, ad text and keyword. For the table to automatically calculate ROMI, CPL, CPA, you just need to activate Google Ads and Yandex.Direct integrations at the Integrations page. To calculate ROI, you need to enable CRM integrations, which are available at all plans.

Cross Analytics


Mark inbound calls with any tags Answered / Got offer / Call him back / Tag responsible customer service rep
Tag phone leads by predefined shortcuts just tap digits on your phone
wherever calls
Redirect calls wherever you want - office, mobile, SIP
Get notified about calls you missed
Export reports to Excel or CSV
call records
Listen to any call recording improve customer service