Тrack it easy. Worldwide.

Alloka provides web-based, no-install and easy-to-start
calltracking service that lets you know everything about
phone callers from your website.

Take care of your inbound calls

  • How many and what quality calls does your site bring to you.
  • Which marketing channel, Facebook, Google Adwords or... whatever, works for you and which doesn’t.
  • Which site pages are hot, bring you maximum calls.
  • Which search engine keywords give you maximum calls.
  • Which referrals work to generate calls.

Where did you learn about us?


Calls recording. You can
listen to your employees
talking to clients.

Calls source. Which site
or ad did the client come
from before he called you?

Marketing efficiency.
Which marketing
channel brings you call?

Hot pages. They visit this
page and afterwards they
call you.

Understand your data.
Tables and graphics will
help you with that.

Want to work more on
your data? Export to
Excel or .csv.

3 easy steps to start:


Specify phone to receive calls
(landline or mobile worldwide)

Generate Alloka script and add to
your website and

  • Manage your promo-campaign and get more cheaper leads
  • Inspect your call-center managers