We show what ad sources bring you phone calls and helpnot to waste your ad budgetto get detailed reportsto keep them in order

Background Truth and nothing but truth about inbound calls and messages
All inbound calls and messages along with their ad source
Rating of lead sources with keyword and UTMs
Instant counting of lead cost
Detailed reports in data and graphics

Call tracking with dynamic numbers for all inbound inquiries

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Alloka tracks the conversion point of every inbound inquiry: call or message, ordered callback, chat — take every lead in account.

Detailed tracking up to keyword in ad campaign! You see what advertising bring you leads, how to rearrange your marketing budget and how good your call center managers in talking with customers.

  • Your phone support still ask
    «how do you know about us?»

  • After hanging up phone you take your pen and moleskine not to forget what was dialogue about.

  • You know what bring you clicks but have no idea what click turned to phone call

  • You have CRM, but managers always forget to update it

What happens when you use Alloka?
  • You see all client inquiries in one place

  • It is clear for you which ad sources bring you clients and how to optimize your marketing costs

  • You can easily find and listen audio of every inbound call

  • Your CRM automatically updates after every inbound call or chat with customer

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3 steps to start Alloka
call tracking

Sign up and imbed script in html-code your of website
Call tracking
Alloka tracks conversion point
of every online visitor
to regular phone call
Call information
Every tracked phone call gets data: searched keyword, utm mark, ad campaign, customers phone number


All inbound customer inquiries gathered in one interface. You understand which advertising brings you leads and profit.

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How Alloka can help marketing manager?

Call tracking
To track every inbound call converted out of contextual ad
What clicks convert to call and what call convert to a contract
Free callback
Free callback widget to fast voice connect with customer
Free callback widget to fast voice connect with customer

Work as you get used to

Use Alloka along with your CRM and
Google Anlytics

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And you know who calls you, where from, by what ad and don’t miss any call. Save your budget

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