We show which ad sources drive phone leads and help you not to waste your ad budgetand help you to get detailed reportsand help you to control them

Background The truth and nothing but the truth about inbound calls and messages
Detailed reports in data and graphics
All inbound calls and messages along with their ad source
Rating of lead sources with keyword and UTMs
Instantly calculating the lead cost

Dynamic Number Insertion for all inbound inquiries

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Alloka measures phone call conversions: inbound calls or written message, fill-out forms, virtual assistant, callback service, chat — take every lead into account.

Detailed tracking up to keyword level in your ad campaign! You see which advertising brings you leads, how to reallocate your marketing budget and how well your call center managers perform in talking with customers.

  • Your phone support still ask
    «how do you know about us?»

  • After hanging up phone you take your pen and fix information about a conversation.

  • You know what brings you clicks but have no idea what clicks turn to phone call

  • You have CRM, but managers always forget to update data in it

What happens when you use Alloka?
  • You see all client inquiries in one place

  • It is clear which ad sources bring clients and how to optimize your marketing costs

  • You can easily find and listen to a record of every inbound call

  • Your CRM automatically updates after every inbound call or chat with a customer

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How it works

Sign up and embed a script in the html code of your website
Call tracking
Alloka tracks the origins of every phone call dialed directly from the cell phone or landline
Call information
Receive data on every traced phone call: search keywords, a UTM mark, an ad campaign, a customer's phone number


All inbound customer inquiries are gathered in one place. You see which advertising channels bring you leads and profit.

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How Alloka helps marketing managers

Call tracking
Tracks every inbound call driven by contextual ads
Shows which clicks convert to calls and which calls convert to sales
Free callback
Free call-me-back widget for immediate voice connections

Alloka fits your workflow

Use Alloka along with your CRM and
Google Anlytics

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You will know who calls you, the origin of the calls, which ads drive leads, making sure you don’t miss the opportunities

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